What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the delivery of health care using a computer, speakers and microphone to electronically transmit your image, voice and health information to physicians and other health care providers authorized to receive it.  The patient is generally at one location while the health care provider is at another (clinic, city, state).  Telemedicine may be used for the purpose of diagnosis and evaluation, medication management, individual therapy, crisis intervention, and follow-up care.


How Do Telemedicine Visits Work?

Telemedicine equipment connects one office location to another using a computer, speakers, microphone and secure HIPAA compliant connection. You will arrive for your outpatient appointment as you normally would for any other clinic visit; however, you may be seen by a doctor, nurse, therapist or other health care provider at a distant site.  You will see and hear each other using a television-like screen, speakers and microphone attached to a computer.


Benefits of Telemedicine:

Sometimes transportation is unavailable or there may be a shortage of health care professionals in your area. Telemedicine brings mental health expertise to patients across the state, saving transportation cost and time. Telemedicine improves access to health care by allowing patients to remain in their local communities while healthcare professionals provide services from distant sites.


For more information about our Telemedicine services or to schedule an appointment, contact one of our offices or call us at (870) 773-4655.


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